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Booking Conditions

We work by appointment only. Appointments can be made on the website and when making an appointment you automatically agree to the booking conditions.



We work with a 72 hour policy. You can reschedule the appointment free of charge up to 72 hours in advance. You are responsible for moving the appointment yourself. Use the option "move appointment" in the confirmation email of the appointment. If the appointment is missed, or if you are late moving the appointment, 30% of the treatment costs will be charged.



We use a deposit of 30% of the basic price for all bookings. Deposits will not be refunded under any circumstances. You can use your deposit within 12 months if you reschedule your appointment at least 72 hours in advance. If the appointment is missed, or if you are late with the move, the deposit will be withheld for expenses.


To book combination treatments, it is advisable (if no available days/times emerge in the short term) to contact us by whatsapp so that we can discuss and schedule the desired days/times with you.


For services that are scheduled in consultation before 9:00 and all services after 18:00, an additional surcharge of € 20.00 applies.


We work according to tight time schedules. If you are not present on time, we cannot guarantee that we can offer you the service that we would like/should offer you. In the unlikely event that you cannot be present on time, we ask you to contact us in advance.


For standard treatments booked through the website we ask for a deposit of 30%.

For large treatments that take up the whole day, we ask for a deposit between 30% and 75% to be determined. Your booking will be finalized after payment. Your deposit will of course be deducted from the total amount.

How to prepare !



If the conditions below are not met, you run the risk that there will not be enough time to continue the treatment.


In that case, we are forced to schedule a new appointment and 50% of the treatment costs will be charged.


Detangling service


Make sure that your hair is not tangled so that we can start the treatment immediately.


Would you rather we detangle the hair? Then don't forget to book our "Extra thick or tangled hair" as an extra service.



All Curly Cuts


YES: Make sure your hair is in your natural curl at all times so that we can see your structure well.


NO: Make sure your hair is not in a ponytail / bun / twist out or tangled at your appointment.



YES: On the day of your appointment, make sure your hair is dry and curled with minimal products in it.


NO: Do not use products that are extremely sticky or oily and do not wear a hoodie.



The duration of our treatments depends on the length and structure.


The times and rates indicated are an indication and can therefore be lower or higher for extremely long/thick and/or much hair.


If you have any questions about your appointment, please contact us.

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