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Seasonal hair loss!

The cold days are coming and that means, like every year, that we will start losing more hair again.

In the autumn you start losing more hair, in the spring that decreases again. We will have the most hair loss in the winter, while you lose the least hair in the summer. It works like this because we need more hair in the warmer seasons to protect us from UV damage

How can I stop this seasonal hairless?

You can't stop it but you can reduce it to a minimal.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s hair and hair loss is different.

  • Eat Healthy

Add foods like avocado, almonds, coconut oil, salmon, and

chia seeds to your diet this can help support healthy hair.

  • Drink water

We should be drinking up to eight glasses of water a day. humanhair thrives on

moisture, making water the best way to moisturize your hair from the inside out. Not

drinking enough water can cause dehydration and can affect hair growth.

  • Use the right deep conditioner

The key to taking care of your hair is to use the right deep conditioner find your balance

between protein and moisture! Deep conditioners can deeply nourish and protect strands

from environmental stress. While it might not solve your seasonal hair loss completely,

using a deep conditioner once a week can give strands a boost of nourishment and help

prevent breakage.

  • Get a haircut

When you’re losing hair, the last thing you want to do is get a haircut. However, if the

hair loss is caused by seasonal damage (aka, breakage) cutting your hair will

reduce hair loss.

Keep your curls healthy

* If your losing a lot of hair always consult your doctor to make sure its not caused by something els.


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